Are You Allowed to Like Soul Jazz and Be a Vintage Blue Note Record Collector?

You like what you like

I laugh at the Blue Note record collecting elitist out there: I don't laugh because they like 50's era classic jazz records like Art Blakey 4003. I love that stuff as much as they do.

One of my favorite jazz records is a 60's classic, Little Johnny C. from trumpeter Johnny Coles.

My issue is mainly the elitist babbling I read from certain collectors who wouldn't soil their turntable with organist Jimmy Smith, let alone down rite funk-jazz from Reuben Wilson or Brother Jack McDuff.

I don't know if they know it or not, but most people today like such a variety of music, that the neo conservative viewpoint is outdated, and quite frankly it's laughable at this point. You like what you like, no one, including those who are the genre gatekeepers can keep your iPod playlist focused on one rigid genre.

There are certain elitist sites out there within the record collecting community where you will be ostracized if you dare venture outside a certain narrow classic-jazz box.

Now don't get me wrong, one should know going in to it what type of styles are discussed at some websites... but if they brand their site as a generic all-encompassing jazz site, only to allow the rhyming sycophants to brow-beat a person with a minority view, to the point they leave your site, what good is that?

Using insulting words because of ones musical tastes, seems a bit heavy-handed to me?

You should let it be known, that discussion of organ-jazz and fusion jazz of any type are not welcome, then the masses will know that your site is not for them.

Unfortunately I learned the hard way, where large bank accounts meet to discuss their under-glass record collections.... and yes, their stock portfolios too; their elitist drivel is as nauseating as it gets.

Am I envious, perhaps? But one thing I have learned in this life of window shopping: It isn't that hard to be nice to people; never once have I seen a U-Haul behind a hearse, you can't take it with you....

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