What is Dead Wax to Blue Note Record Collectors, and What's Etched in It That Matters?

What is Dead Wax, and What's in the Dead Wax?

  • Dead Wax simply refers to the run off area between the grooves and the label. This area will have various marks and or numbers that you can look for to find what pressing it is.
  • RVG in the Dead Wax: Rudy Van Gelder was the engineer on most of the Blue Note sessions of the 50's and 60's, his sessions are desirable. He also did hundreds of other records for the Impulse and Prestige label.  RVG in the dead wax, hand etched or stamped, means it was mastered by Van Gelder, his sessions on vinyl are considered by many to be high quality. SEE PHOTOS.
  • VANGELDER stamped in the dead wax is a later pressing. Sometimes, after 1960 STEREO is seen after the VANGELDER or RVG. 
  • The Ear in the dead wax, "or cursive P" refers to the hand etched ear shaped cursive P in the dead wax. Plastylite was the pressing company Blue Note used up to the Liberty buy out of 1966/1967. No liberty issues will have this Ear. Typically, records with the P mean a higher quality "heavier" pressing.
Here is a photo of the EAR/Plastylite P as it rests in the dead wax run of area.

This Ear/Plastylite P is what collectors look for on a New York USA  label, to guarantee it is not a Liberty label masquerading as a New York USA. With excess NY USA labels being used AFTER the Liberty buyout of Blue Note, the EAR is your own assurance it's a heavier vinyl New York USA Plastylite pressing.

Note: linked Photos on this post are courtesy of LondonJazzCollector.com. The absolute best site anywhere in my opinion for a jazz vinyl aficionado. I highly suggest you check that site out if you're serious about vintage vinyl jazz, almost every label of note is discussed.

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