Are DMM Blue Note LP's Really so Bad?

When I started collecting vinyl again, it was logical for me to start collecting the music I had been stockpiling on CD on vinyl.

 I had noticed several different sources saying the DMM or (Direct Metal Mastering) LP's put out in the 84-85 time period by Manhatten Records were to be avoided at all costs.

Adjectives like "tinny" or "cold" come to mind,  unfortunately I took this as gospel, until I ran into Sonny Rollins' Volume 2 on Blue Note in the DMM form, I put it on and was amazed how the record sounded.

No tinny thin sound stage at all, plenty of warmth, and a nice clarity of instruments, it's hard to complain about it. So from there I thought: "OK if I see a DMM at a great price, I will not be so shy about the purchase".

I then Went on to nab Dexter Gordon's GO, and Eric Dolphy's Out To Lunch, and guess what? Yeah they have a nice sound. Certainly not horrific as I was lead to believe.

dmm sonny rollings blue note labelIf you can't afford earlier pressings, and believe me you will pay through the nose for an original first press, the mid 70's Liberty's and these mid 80's DMM's are well worth the price, you can still get these and the Liberty's at reasonable prices.

Right now I have around 300 Blue Notes,  with 10 DMM in my collection, including A few Hank Mobley's and a Freddie Hubbard Hub-Tones, these sound just fine to myears.

Sure they won't have the depth of sound as a first-press copy I suppose, but darn it, try as I might to acquire this elusive "audiophile"ear for original Blue Notes, yet even while I am former musician and long time music listener I can't.

The sound has to be pretty bad for me to get bent out of shape. In the end it is "personal preference" and the wallet that matters. It's OK not to take the so-called experts at their word regarding the DMM vinyl.

Don't you also fee like it's splitting hairs trying to discern a difference in pressing sound quality?

Here is a list of cheap DMM Blue Notes on eBay

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