What are Reuben Wilson Blue Note Records Selling For?

What are Reuben Wilson Blue Note Records Worth

Another Overlooked Groove Master

If you're a organ soul-funk or Blue Note collector, these late 60's Blue Note's are still priced right. All of these can be had for under 40 dollars, and that's for excellent to near mint records. If you are OK with VG+ vinyl,  I see these all the time for 10 bucks a piece at the local shops and online.

82 year old Reuben Wilson is an active force even in 2018, but he made his bones back in the 60's and one of the plethora of soul-jazz organ master on Blue Note. 

Perhaps overshadowed by other Hammond B-3 players Jimmy McGriff and Big John Patton, his Blue Note albums have aged well, and feature perhaps the quintessential Memphis style soul funk organ sound.

From 1968 to 1971 his 5 Blue Note albums are all worth acquiring. The pictured above record On Broadway was Reuben's debut for the label, and while not as good the records to come does feature one of his best tracks "Ronnie's Bonnie".

Later stuff gets more commercial

After the records Love Bug and Blue Mode, I think Reuben, or the record label anyway, was striving for sales over art. That doesn't mean all the records aren't worth getting, they are. 

A Groovy Situation and Set Us Free are equal parts grooving soul funk and pop, rock, and psychedelia. The latter being a very lush atmospheric record, I rather enjoy that one, but the groove burners are harder find on the Set Us Free

If you are into grooving straight up gut bucket organ jazz, I'd say Blue Mode is where you should start, and then test the waters with the last 2 records.  I included a link below to a great compilation of Wilson tracks that feature the hardest grooving of his works.

Reuben Wilson Blue Note Records Value

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